AMAAZ Leadership

Board of Directors Executive Committee:

Executive Director

Shannon Whiteaker


Dr. Nadine P. Baldwin,  DAc

Vice President

Dr. Lloyd Wright, DACHM 


Dr. Susan Wagner, DAOM


Kirby Woods, LAc

Board of Directors Members at Large: 

Dr. Nathan Anderson, DACM

Dr. Ray Botte

Dalat Nguyen, PIHMA Student Representative 

Alastair Macleod, ASAOM Student Representative 

Dr. Ioannis Solos, PhD, MD (China)



Board of Advisory Members:

Dr. Robert Abrahamson, OM

Marilyn Allen, American Acupuncture Council 

Dr. Julie Armstrong, DACM

Dr. Shuyuan “Shu” Hong, MD (China)

Dr. Derek Marrongelle, DACM

Dr. Kara Michalsen (ND), ASAOM Academic Dean 

Catherine Niemiec, J.D., L.Ac., PIHMA President/CEO

Dr. Dan Wen, MD (China)

Dr. Peter White, DACM